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I love helping entrepreneurs balance their career while pursuing their side hustle. Let's turn your passion project into a revenue churning business.

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Side hustling is no joke.  

You've done the research. You've vetted. You've put yourself out there.

And now you want to implement everything you've ever learned from every expert.

Except, you need more than checklists, freebies, and quickie courses. You need clear direction from a partner who will help you build a plan to reach your vision. 

Hi, I'm Kass

I'm a Director of Operations with twenty-five years in Human Resources and Operations Leadership who can't wait to hear your story.

I'm a good listener, but as personality and leadership tests reveal time and time again, my primary strength is taking large amounts of detail, processing it, and drawing conclusions that get things done.

Helping you achieve success and thrive in your business is my goal and I believe we'll get there by:

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Creating a foundational mission statement

Casting a vision so big you won't recognize yourself

Crafting guiding principles that light the path to your mission and vision

Getting super clear on your ideal client and your less than ideal client

Developing an operational strategy that brings it all together.

Here's How I Can Help YOU One to One:

1:1 Strategy Session


Customized evaluation of what you do, who you do it for and why, followed by a power hour of face to face consulting and coaching to help guide you to what your next best steps can be.

What Your Strategy session will include:

Ninety minutes of Strategy time with Kass that includes:

A thirty minute evaluation of your current state

A sixty-minute zoom call providing you with coaching and consulting on the next steps to take to start up or power up your passion project.

what you'll walk away with:

A plan with clear action steps, including:

Gaining clarity and focus on your purpose

Strategies for content, selling, and marketing

Ways to tackle your mindset challenges

Tactics for strategically moving forward in your business.

You'll receive a recording of our call and a one-page battle plan with customized steps you can take so you can confidently take charge in your business.

VIP Intensive


Intense evaluation of what you do, who you do it for and why. We'll set up your strategic plan and walk through every detail so you get set up for success. Once we evaluate the how, we'll set up goals, milestones, & success markers. And, I'll provide coaching and accountability to ensure you feel confident in your new direction.

What your VIP Intensive will include:

Three, 90-minute sessions to evaluate your current state, identify your mission, vision, and values, and build your quarterly strategic plan.

Weekly, thirty-minute one to one follow up session for six weeks.

Voxer access

What you'll walk away with:

A clearly defined strategic plan for one quarter. Including the following:

A visibility and social media plan

A KPI and Metric dashboard

An analysis of financial and accounting tools and resources

A refined customer experience process

Refined products and services offerings for now and the future

A plan for team growth, hiring, an professional development

A plan for your personal and professional growth

All the freebies, tools, and resources at my disposal.

Six weeks of follow up and accountability support (subject to client agreement).

Working at Coffee Shop

I Get It

This is me. No makeup and roots untouched but it doesn't matter because I'm in the zone - my Saturday morning happy place where I get it done.

The rest of the week is sliced and diced into smaller increments in the wee hours before my 9 to 5, over a shortened lunch period, and the tiny space between dinner and bed.

And I wouldn't trade it for anything.

I Get It

  • You're self-financing your way to success, internalizing the guilt that comes with the sacrifice the entire family must make.
  • You're taking advantage of every spare moment
  • Your thoughts are consumed by your to-do list

Let's Get This Together

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