Vim and Vigor Consulting provides restlessly energetic Side Hustle CEO's, with F.A.S.T Track coaching and consulting, so they can confidently and strategically execute their mission without wasting precious resources.

Can you relate?

You've got restless enthusiasm to get your business off the runway, but instead of focusing on strategy and operations, your mind is consumed with checklists and content creation.
Your work-life-work balance is in serious turmoil
You feel lost in the vast array of expertise and advice and don't know where to begin.
You're self-financing your business and you want to invest in the ONE place that will provide the solid foundation you need.

What would your business look like if: had a solid niche and a mission and vision pulled from your very soul? could strategically plan your entire quarter in a few hours AND have the accountability you need to blow your goals away?

...your visibility plan strategically connected your ideal client to your content, mission, and strategic objectives? had a clear client services plan that sets you apart from your competitors while building client loyalty? had a hiring plan that brought you expert employees and contractors that connect passionately with your mission, vision, and values?

You don't have to wonder. Tell me what's on your mind and let's explore the possibilities.

Let's Get Organized With Your FAST Track Pack

Whether you're starting up or powering up your side hustle passion project, you'll need support and resources. Get started on the FAST Track - productivity resources that will reduce the stress of operations, content planning, marketing, and all the planning you need for success.

Day 1: Introduction to the FAST Track
Day 2: F - Foundational Work - Understanding Mission, Vision, & Values. Freebie: Ideal Client Worksheet
Day 3: A - Accountability - This email is a great resource, challenging you to embrace and heartily utilize the resources at your disposal.
Day 4: S - Strategic Planning - An in depth look at my Strategic Planning Process. Freebie: Strategic Planning Pre-Work Checklist
Day 5: T - Time to Thrive - four tips to better time management, motivation tips & more!

What will help you the most right now?

Group Coaching & Accountability

You're ready to build a solid foundation for your business and want all the help in one place with the support and community of a mastermind. Nice. Your first stop:

1:1 Coaching & Consulting

Your passion is at an all time high and you want the personalized attention now to get your business powered up. This is the start of a beautiful relationship.

An Introduction Please

Before you dive in, you want to make sure we're a good fit. Let's get to know each other with a one hour strategy session. Book a discovery call for more information.

Natalie G

-Natalie Gingrich

Kass is equal parts strategic and perceptive.

She has the ability to see my situation, my surroundings, my reality and create a recommendation that moves me towards my vision. She brings ease to complex (to me) business decisions. I’m grateful for her partnership, leadership, and integrity. I eagerly share her with business friends.

Any small business looking for direction and organization, def contact Kass Fogle

Kass helped me with organizing my thoughts to be put on paper, then applying them. She is experienced, motivated, and easy to work with.

Thanks, Vim & Vigor and Kass for helping me where I needed it most!


-TJ Hodges

I get it...

Separating your 9 to 5 from your 5 to 9 takes serious compartmentalization

You've got the fortitude.  You've got the vim & just want someone who's gone before you to light the way.

Are you asking:

When should I hire a bookkeeper, accountant, virtual assistant or lawyer?
When is the right time to create a course? Should I blog or start a podcast? Which social media platform should I focus on?
Where does the revenue come from to invest in my business?
Where do I focus my marketing resources?
Where do I begin? 

I'm Kass Fogle. Let me help you explore the way.

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